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Communicable Disease

Communicable diseases are those diseases that are infectious or contagious. There are many ways they can be spread, person-to-person, animal to person, or indirectly from food or water.

Communicable diseases are a continuing and significant threat to us, despite the eradication of some diseases, new bacteria and virus are continuously emerging or reemerging in drug resistant form.


Our role here at the LMAS District Health Department is to help control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases in our community through investigation, detection, recognition and/or identification of pathogens, help with preventive treatment and/or education, reporting and evaluation


Michigan Public Health Code mandates that certain diseases be reported to the local health jurisdiction in which the case resides. The local health department is responsible for the investigation of the case in order to limit the spread of disease and uncover the source of infection. Routine analysis of communicable disease is necessary in order to identify outbreaks and epidemics.

For more information on communicable diseases, call your local office today.


Luce: (906) 293-5107, ext 324

Mackinac: (906) 643-1100, ext 217

Alger: (906) 387-2297, ext 401

Schoolcraft: (906) 341-6951, ext 102

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