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Other Environmental Health Programs & Services

Department of Health & Human Services Licensed Facilities

Environmental health inspections are conducted in foster homes, day care centers and children’s camps for compliance with public health standards.

Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Annual licensing and inspections of public swimming pools and spas are conducted to evaluate water quality safety and mechanical components. For EGLE forms and regulations click here.

Call your local office for more information on food licensing:


Luce: (906) 293-5107, ext 303

Mackinac: (906) 643-1100, ext 233

Alger: (906) 387-2297, ext 401

Schoolcraft: (906) 341-6951, ext 110


Annual inspections of campground are conducted to review compliance with public health standards.

Radon Testing

The Michigan Indoor Radon Program is a non-regulatory program and its purpose is to increase awareness of the health risk associated with exposure to elevated indoor radon levels, to encourage testing for radon, and to also encourage citizens to take action to reduce their exposure once elevated radon levels are found.


Radon Test Kits are available at each of our offices, free of charge.


Additional Radon information:

Septage Hauler Licensing

In collaboration with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Health staff license and inspect septage hauler vehicles and dump sites.  Complaints related to dumping septage waste are also investigated.

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