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Luce County COVID-19 Vaccination Schedules

LMAS is holding routine clinics in the Newberry office. Appointments may be available for the Moderna vaccine, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or the Pfizer vaccine. Use the buttons below to schedule your appointment. If there are no appointment availabilities or if you would like to schedule your child who is 6 months-11 years, please call (906) 293-5107 to schedule an appointment.  

Helen Newberry Joy will be vaccinating in their clinic every Wednesday from 9AM - 3PM. To schedule, call the COVID hotline at (906) 293-9289.


Snyder Drug Store and Newberry Hometown Pharmacy may also have appointments available. Click the link below to sign up with Snyder's or call (906) 293-9900 to for an appointment at Hometown Pharmacy.

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